October 12, 2011 @ 9:00 am
by mego

Buying a car can be a tricky business, and if you’re looking for the best bargain it takes a lot of research, trust and chance. Dealerships offer the most reliable choice, but come with the highest price. And eBay can be a little too risky, requiring flights, car inspections by unknown entities and other problems.

Carhelp is here to, well, help. We’ve collected a few resources for Portland area buyers, but each of these resources can be used nationally. Angie’s List, Craigslist, and eBay classifieds have resources in most cities. We hope this helps you purchase the best car for you and your family.


Oregon Live – Sponsored by Oregonlive.com, it’s a comprehensive site for new and used car buyers in the Portland area. It includes listings, ads from local auto dealerships, auto reviews, and specials. My favorite feature is the ability to search by model, make, year, new, used, and many more options.




Portland Craigslist – Warning: Go at your own risk! Craigslist is famous for its deals, but also its scams (as evidenced by the homepage). But if you’re ok with a high level of risk, Craigslist is a great local option. My advice? Never view a car alone or in a remote location. My favorite option is the ability to shop by owner alone. I go to Craigslist for a deal, not another listing by a dealership.





Angie’s List – A full list of the 790 car dealerships in the Portland, Oregon area, including 63 top rated dealerships. It also includes a “penalty box” reserved for dealerships with especially terrible reviews. The only drawback is the lack of search options. Used dealerships are lumped in with new, as are dealers that specialize in trailers and RVs.





eBay Classifieds – A list of classified listings (over 750 as of this morning) for cars and trucks selling in the Portland area. Ads are organized by listing date and you can search by a variety of options, including distance from your house, price, year, mileage and by type of seller.




And don’t forget to use Carhelp to find and review a trusted Portland are auto shop after you purchase your car!

What’s your favorite resource for buying a car in Portland? Comment below with your answer.



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