October 11, 2012 @ 10:00 am
by mego

How to Recycle Car Clutter

Let’s face it. The economy may be improving slightly, but finances are still a bit tight for most families. If you’re selling a used car, here’s CarHelp’s best tips for maximizing your profits.

1. Fix minor issues. Repair that squeaky belt, get the oil changed, rotate the tires, and anything that will make the car look and feel better without putting a major dent in your wallet.

2. Clean it out. Remove those Ski Aspen and My Kid’s An Honor Student stickers. Take out CD’s, makeup, and anything else personal. They’re buying a car, not your life. If your car is worth more than $7,000, spring for a detail. You’ll earn that back in spades. Or take it to a DIY service and scrub it down.

3. Determine value of car. Look up your car on Kelley Blue Book. It’s the most reliable and extensive calculator for car prices.

4. Price it competitively. Just about anyone can finance a car. Used car buyers are looking for a bargain. Price your car with a little wiggle room. They’ll feel like they got a good deal, and it will cover any possible mechanical defects they find.

5. Sign the goods. Make a sign with the price, contact information, mileage, and any other selling points. Attach it to a highly visible part of the car. You never know who will call you from the highway wanting to take a longer look!

6. Advertise, advertise, advertise. List it in your local paper, on online classifieds, and in anyplace you can think. Here’s a guide of locations in Portland, with some of those listing are available on a national level.

7. Be safe. When selling our car, the interested party wanted to check out the car. We met in a public location, and when they took it on a test drive to a mechanic to have it checked out, we photographed their license and kept the keys to their car.

What do you do when selling a used car?

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