2011 Toyota Highlander

2011 Toyota Higlander

So apparently this accidentally turned into a Car Buying Guide and Yahoo! Auto promotional week on Carhelp. But fall is a great time to purchase a car, and with interest rates so low I’m sure many of us are at least considering a new purchase. This week we’ve posted about used car ratings and gas guzzlers, so we’ll end it with the cost of insuring a car.

According to Yahoo! Auto, the least expensive cars to insure are as follows:

10) Toyota Highlander SUV ($1,154.02)
9)  Ford Escape XLS SUV ($1,150.26)
8)  Toyota Sienna V6 Minivan ($1,142.94)
7)  Honda Odyssey EX Minivan  ($1,138.16)
6)  Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport ($1,131.27)
5)  Nissan Murano SL SUV ($1,127.89)
4)  Honda Odyssey LX Minivan ($1,114.62)
3)  Toyota Sienna LE Minivan ($1,107.70)
2)  Toyota Sienna I4 Minivan ($1,100.66)
1)  Chrysler Town & Country LX Minivan ($1,091.80)

And the most expensive automobiles to insure are:

10) Mercedes G55 AMG SUV ($3,086.49)
9) Aston Martin DB9 Volante Convertible ($3,088.96)
8) Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet ($3,092.31)
7) Mercedes CL600 Coupe ($3,114.28)
6) Aston Martin DB9 Coupe ($3,120.45)
5) Mercedes S65 AMG Sedan ($3,220.86)
4) Mercedes SL63 AMG Convertible ($3,263.46)
3) BMW 750Li Sedan ($3,280.70)
2) BMW 750i Sedan ($3,280.70)
1) Mercedes SL65 AMG Convertible ($3,543.81)

It’s not surprising that the most expensive cars to insure are luxury automobiles. They’ll also be the most expensive to repair and maintain. And it’s not surprising that Toyota has four cars on the least expensive list, as they have a reputation for lower repair and maintenance costs.

Keep in mind that your rate will be lower or higher than the average based on a variety of factors, including your driving record, credit rating, location, miles driven per year, etc.

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