Are you the type of person who will try anything for a little peace of mind? Many people have adopted the principles of feng shui for their homes….but you can also try a little feng shui  in your car. Your car is a place where you need to try and incorporate positive energy –  to get you through the frustration of rush hour and restless children in the back seat.

We found some easy ways to add a little feng shui to your car. Maybe it will work for you!

  1. Determine your kua color – your kua color is a major aspect of feng shui. You determine it by taking the last 2 digits of your birth year and adding or subtracting from it depending upon whether you’re male or female. Men subtract 10 from the digits in their birth year and women add 5 in order to find their kua color.  Kua colors are linked to natural elements. Use this guide on Feng Shui Crazy to determine your color so you can incorporate it into your car. You can accent the interior by adding an air freshener in your kua color, for example.
  2. Keep your car clean – a cluttered car can lead to a cluttered mind. Make sure you car is clean internally and externally to reduce stress and mental distraction.
  3. Bring earth and balance into your car – a blue ribbon represents water while earth tones represent, well , the earth.  You can tie a ribbon to your rear view mirror to remind you to stay balanced.
  4. Some people believe sea salt absorbs negative energy . Wipe down the seats with a cleaner containing sea salt (Caldrea has one) or  sprinkle some under the floor mats. See if it works the next time you go on a sales call with your crabby boss.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying a little feng shui into your vehicle. If you believe in its powers you may need to make a few less visits to your CarHelp mechanic. You may find that instead of having a frustrating driving experience, your car becomes a place for solitude that allows you to unwind from your day.

To learn more about feng shui and your car, Fast Feng Shui has some great tips relating to parking habits, driving habits and more .

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