August 23, 2011 @ 3:58 pm
by mego

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Ah, fall. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are drop…..Wait a second, wasn’t it just spring?! Maybe I’m jumping the gun just a bit with fall. We still have a solid month before the autumn equinox (the unofficial start of Fall), and here in the south the temperatures are still solidly in the 90′s. But it’s never too early to prepare. So Carhelp is here with a few maintenance tips  to get your car prepared for cooler fall temperatures.


1. Change your oil. Every 3,500 miles. Ignore suggestions that tell you to let it wait until 7 or even 10,000 miles have passed. According to this article on Yahoo! Auto, most city driving qualifies as “severe” driving, which means ever 3,500 miles is the optimal time to change oil. Increase your gas mileage slightly (about 1-2 percent) by using the proper grade of oil.

2. Check tire inflation. Poorly inflated tires reduce gas mileage and reduce control while driving. Keep them inflated for better gas mileage and better safety.

3. Check wiper blades. Fall means more precipitation than the dry summer months. Make sure your blades aren’t worn out and can withstand a heavy rain.

4. Check and replace the air filter. These should be changed a maximum of every 15,000 miles. Fall is a great time to do this to get rid of all of the pollen, dust and gunk from spring and summer.

5. Get your weak A.C. fixed. Call around and see if any shops are running an “end of summer” special on air conditioning. Don’t wait or forget until the weather heats up again and prices reflect the increase demand.


For further reading, check out this article from Dunn Tire on fall driving safety.


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  1. It seems fall and winter get here sooner and sooner every year. But these tips are great. Folks should get their cars checked regularly, but sadly most do not until it is too late.

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