July 29, 2010 @ 4:40 am

Somebody asked us the other day where we find the posts and news to update our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Here are five great car blogs we regularly visit for updates and factoids on the auto business!

Jalopnik - This site is “obsessed with the cult of cars” and boy howdy is there some great info. Anything from the Garage of Horror, where they share worst nightmares people have of experiences in their cars, to the Question of the Day ( like “what makes a great driver” ) Jalopnik has it all. Plus of course all kinds of cool news about new cars and stuff.

Wheels is the New York Times automobile blog. Here you’ll find commentary on newsworthy topics in the auto industry. Find in-depth reviews of new car releases as well as opinions on everything from hybrid taxi fleets to Nascar drivers crashing planes.

Cars for Girls claims to be the woman’s guide to everything automotive and they come pretty darn close. They include tips for buying a new car, taking your driver’s test, and of course car maintenance and repair. We also like their Guides that contain information on everything you need to know about your car.

Autoblog “obsessively” covers all the news in the auto industry. Go to this site if you want to know about  new cars, the car shows, the automobile companies or anything that has a real ‘news’ bent.

Finally, if you’re into the future, visit Gas 2.0 This site isn’t as popular as the others, but it has great stories on the next generation of cars. Electric vehicles, solar powered cars, you name it and they report on it. That’s where I found out there’s an 80 mpg Ford concept car. (They really can make them now, you now)

Other sites you might like are of course Consumer Reports Car Blog and the Car Blog.

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