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A faulty ABS module is one of those repairs that a lot of older cars will need, but not one that we expect to take a large chunk of our car repair budget.

Not long after we purchased our 1999 Volvo V70, the check engine light came on which is pretty typical on a used car. We ignored until the ABS light started occasionally lighting up, which made cruise control stop working. The light would stay on until we turned the car off, and then it would turn off about 50% of the time. After a few more months, other lights would show up on the dashboard. Even though we couldn’t find anything in the engine that indicated a reason. When the speedometer and odometer started dropping out while on the interstate, we decided to finally fix the faulty ABS module.

The good news? The symptoms slowly increased over a period of ten months. Our local repair shop checked the car early on in the process and gave the go ahead to keep driving, telling us that the symptoms would slowly increase over time. We had a price estimate and were able to mentally and financially prepare for a major repair without it hurting as much as an emergency repair would.


Initial: Check Engine Light, ABS Light,

After 10 months: Speedometer and Odometer  would drop out while driving. Car switched into what felt like third gear while accelerating. Loss of power when accelerating up hills and from stops.

Repair: ABS Module Replacement at Franklin Automotive in Birmingham, Alabama.

Cost: $564 ($250 for parts, $264 for labor)

If you’re the type to DIY advanced car repairs, there are a few websites that give instructions on how to replace or repair the module yourself. My husband and I like to leave it to the experts who provide warranties for repairs.

If you’re in the California, Oregon, and Washington states, you can find certified service providers on Carhelp.com.

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