There are some people who care a lot about the color of their car when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle. Others will settle for just about any color available  as long as it’s the make and model they’re looking for with all the right features. You may think the color of your car matters only as a personal preference, but it can say a lot about who you are and how you drive.  Your car color choices may not determine whether or not you’ll get a date or a job, but if nothing else, it’s fun to know what each car color means before you buy.

Here are some characteristics that might be attributed to you if you purchase certain car colors:

  1. That status is important to you and you want to appear successful – classic car colors are linked to status. Silver, modern white, beige and black are more subdued car colors that are meant to display prestige, especially when on a car that’s pricey yet practical. If you want to tell people you’re successful or fake it, then choose one of these. Someone might see through your facade though when they pick you up for carpool to work and discover you’re still living in mom and dad’s basement. Your cover may also be blown if your classy car color happens to be on a vehicle circa 1990 that’s lucky to start.
  2. That you think you’re a big shot –red, yellow, bright green and electric blue car colors will tell people you think you’re a hotshot and that’s not always seen as positive.  People will automatically think you’re that guy who drinks too much at a party and says something arrogant. It will also be assumed that you live life in the fast lane, so you’ll always be on the radar of the cops if you’re speeding.
  3. Whether you’re a rational or creative person –  a car color can tell others whether you’re a left-brained or right-brained thinker. It follows pretty logical rationale, really.  If you choose a car color simply because you like it, you’re telling people you’re more “go with the flow”. If you choose white because you think it won’t show the salt stains from the North-Western winters driving, you’re right-brained and all about login and planning.

If you’re shopping for a car, don’t over-think your color choice But I know we’ve got you thinking about it, and the next time a date doesn’t end with breakfast or a job interviewer says “don’t call us, we’ll call you”; you’ll be wondering if your car color is to blame.

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What color is YOUR car?

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