April 12, 2011 @ 8:00 am

Mark P., a customer of Everett Street Autoworks, won our first Carhelp.com iPod touch giveaway!

Mark is an IT technician for the Portland Development Commission, an organization formed to engage in urban renewal. They are doing a ton of good to clean up the city and reform old tired landscapes and buildings.

Mark has been going to Everett Street for close to five years now.  He brought in a car he plans to pass on to his 15yr old daughter for a tune-up and received one of the iPod cards after completing services. Mark’s daughter noticed the card and promptly grabbed it from her dad saying that she was going to submit it and the iPod would be hers! As luck would have it, she did end up winning. Mark and his daughter were very excited and felt that being rewarded like this shown very well upon Everett Street for working with Carhelp. Mark’s family was about to head out on a road trip and was excited to load up the iPod and go. It was perfect timing for him, and he couldn’t wait to get home and play with it.

Everett Street Autoworks has done extensive work on two of his vehicles. Mark’s review stated that he likes Jake at Everett Street because they run a clean shop, they do what they say, and they never try to pad the bill. Mark feels like he has always been treated with honor by Jake and the mechanics and definitely plans to tell his friends about the shop whenever they are in need. They plan to use Carhelp.com whenever they need services!

You can see more reviews of Everett Street Autoworks, and other reputable mechanics on Carhelp.com.

Don’t forget to submit your review for a chance to win a free iPod.

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