July 27, 2010 @ 5:09 am

Anyone who has pets knows that they are furry family members. They are rewarded, disciplined and loved almost as if they were children in the average American household. But for some reason, when preparing for a long car trip, not everyone remembers to ensure they have everything to secure their pet’s safety and enjoyment during their long car rides. It’s not that their pet’s comfort isn’t a priority; it’s just that they’re not always thought of as having similar needs that humans do while traveling.

We already talked about planning for road trips with your pet. When you’re taking a road trip your pets need to be provided for, too. Here are some basic essentials to make sure you’ve got for your favorite furry friends:

  1. Food and water – food is a given, but you might only worry about picking up water for your pet when you hit a pit stop. It’s a fine idea until you break down, and with hot summer weather, your pet needs to keep as hydrated as you do. A jug of water for an emergency and a bowl for your dog(s) to drink from are both essential.
  2. Vet records– any time you’re away from your local vet and easy access to your pet’s records, you should take proof of vaccination with you.  There are a number of reasons to have these handy including crossing the border into another country, your pet coming into contact with other animals, or the decision to board them along the way. Your travel plans could be seriously compromised if you don’t have those records when you need them.
  3. Car harness or restraining system – you take the time to ensure that your human family is buckled up; the same rule should apply to your pets. A harness or restraining system ensures that your dog is secure in an accident and it also stops them from wandering around the car and distracting the driver. Pet travel center has a few options of dog seatbelts and harnesses for you to choose from. 

There are more things that you can do to make sure your dog is happy and safe during your summer road trip and they can depend upon the personality and the needs of each animal. Here are more  tips that focus on the essentials for each and every dog and will start your summer vacation off right!

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