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August 9, 2010 @ 6:00 am
posted by Mego Rider

Need chivalry be dead?

These days, with equal rights dominating mainstream thinking, chivalry sometimes takes a backseat. Of course we’re all for men and women being equals but that doesn’t mean  once in a while a woman doesn’t appreciate being treated with a bit of extra courtesy. Guys, perhaps you’ve forgotten some of the rules of chivalry since it’s just not expected of you. But will it make the difference when you go to ask for a second date? Your car is a great place to begin. (Women, give us your opinion here, does this make a difference to you or are you unimpressed by old-fashioned manners? )

While we wait for the debate to begin, here are some simple ways you can surprise and flatter your date the next time you take her out in your car. Guess what…they work if you’re married too.

  1. Open the door for her-The actress Eva Mendes recently was quoted in W Magazine as saying that despite being tremendously ambitious, “I do like to belong to a man. I love having a man in my life and being his woman at the end of the day. “ So when you pick her up from her doorstep next time, don’t head straight around to the driver’s side – pop open her door.
  2. Let her choose the music - if you’ve got the radio on in the car ask your date what she’d like to listen to. This is a great conversation starter since you’ll learn more about her interests. Take note, guys, if you make reference to her favorite song or band when she’s least expecting it, she’ll feel like you’re really in to her!
  3. Make sure she’s comfortable with the temperature – read your date’s body language to see if she appears to hot or too cold and adjust accordingly. Or better yet, ask her if she’s comfortable with the temperature and adjust accordingly.
  4. Take it easy on the roads – you might pretend you’re a NASCAR driver when you’re on your own, but slow it down when you’re out with a date. Yes, women do like bad boys, but they also don’t want to feel carsick before they’ve even had dinner.
  5. Make sure your car’s in good shape- the relationship won’t start out well if your poorly maintained vehicle breaks down and she’s stuck on the side of the interstate in heels and a slinky dress. Of course, if that does happen you can call 1-800-carhelp and impress her with your use of the latest and best new site for finding mechanics!
  6. Don’t drive under the influence – show her that you place her safety, and the safety of other drivers, above the desire to have an extra drink while at dinner.

If you’d like to learn more ways to impress your date with your automotive chivalry, read this article we found on AskMen . You can learn from those historical figures that were behind the whole idea.

August 4, 2010 @ 6:48 am
posted by Mego Rider

August 3, 2010 @ 7:36 am
posted by Mego Rider

No matter how good of a driver you think you are, the second you hear the sound of sirens on the road, you might find yourself frozen and unsure of how to respond. We’re not talking about a police vehicle flashing behind you trying to pull you over, but one that you’re simply sharing the road with. If you thought we meant otherwise, you may have seen one too many episodes of the show COPS! Those police cars, ambulances and fire trucks have an important job to do as they come wailing down the road and the last thing any driver wants to do is stop them from getting where they need to be. The best way to make sure you respond correctly and quickly when you see an emergency vehicle on the road while you’re in your car is to know the rules! Read more

August 2, 2010 @ 8:11 am
posted by Mego Rider

According to a brochure developed jointly by the NOAA, the American Red Cross, and FEMA, almost half of all deaths from flooding happen to people trapped in vehicles. In fact, only in recent years has heat surpassed flooding as the primary cause of fatalities in the U.S. Flash floods are the most dangerous type of flooding, largely because waters rise rapidly and unexpectedly, especially in arroyos and irrigation ditches not normally associated with water, leaving most drivers (and their passengers) unprepared.

More important, water itself is a tremendous force. It weighs 62.4 pounds per cubic foot, delivering 500 pounds of pressure per square inch to doors and windows. It also makes cars buoyant, subtracting 1500 pounds from the weight of the vehicle for each foot it rises. Water a mere two feet deep can sweep away a vehicle, even a heavy-duty truck or SUV, as well as the bridge it is trapped on. Vehicles trapped in underpasses during rapidly rising water are in even more danger, and when flooding occurs at night drivers often can’t see such danger until it is too late. As notes, even a burst water main can trigger dangerous flooding in low-lying areas. Read more

July 13, 2010 @ 7:34 am
posted by Mego Rider

There’s probably nothing more stressful than a car that simply stops working. Obviously, staying safe when your vehicle breaks down is essential. Whether you’re driving a brand new car or an old clunker, these are some tips to make sure you’re prepared. Read more