November 3, 2011 @ 8:00 am
by mego

car sharing statistics infographic

For those of you questioning the staying power and effectiveness of car sharing programs in North America, I have two numbers for you: 10,252 and 513,698. The first is the number of vehicles added to car sharing programs in the last ten years. The second is the number of members who have opened a membership in a car sharing program in the same time period.

The information comes from theĀ Collaborative Fund, and makes a fantastically designed and compelling argument for car sharing programs worldwide. Including data on how car sharing programs reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Go visit their website and spend a few minutes learning about car sharing programs worldwide.



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  1. As fuel is getting exhausted so we need to find measure to avoid or use less of fuel so cars should be shared if two or more person going from one place to the another have there destination and origin almost same than they must think of sharing there cars,Not only few whole world need to think for it!

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