Silky smooth ride? Fun? Fantastically engaging? Ample room? All words I didn’t think I would see applied to an EV, but the 2013 Tesla Model S is inspiring such accolades, and has been picked as Yahoo! Auto’s 2013 Car of the Year.

It’s hard to imagine using the words “EV” and “fun” in the same sentence. But the Tesla Model S is a fantastically engaging car to drive. The sheer power available under your right foot (at any speed) is something only an electric vehicle can offer, but in the Model S, it evokes a unique emotion unfelt before in the EV market. The ride is silky smooth, yet remains sporty at the same time. The futuristic 17-inch touchscreen is masterfully intuitive. Add all this up and it ensures the Tesla Model S becomes more than just our car of the year. It’s the car of the future. – Alex Lloyd

You can read more of the review, and see a gallery of images, on the Yahoo! Autos website.

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